201MC Presentation




The big day is here. I got up at around 7 am. The weather outside was awful, so I had to take time to wrap up the boards so they wont get soaked and made sure that no water will harm the equipment. Once we left home, waiting for us at the HUB was Stefania Buzatu, our cameraman for the day. Once inside, we started unpacking and get the place ready by moving tables, making room for the area of each artist. Members of our team started arriving and wasted no time at all. They started to put together their drawings, gluing things together and I was there to both comfort them, help them and have a good laugh in order to break the ice and provide refreshments whenever I had time. With every opportunity, I took photos and avoided interviews at any cost. I’m not made to be in front of the camera, I need to be behind it. Even though we did not had as many visitors as we thought we will have ( I do have to blame the weather and the exams for this) we did had a good time, got to know each other better and also made new friends and got a taste of what free lancing means and what working with a decent amount of people really means.


Vlad Mares interview: http://vimeo.com/41566941


Earlier today we’ve booked equipment from the Media Loan Shop inside the Ellen Terry Building. The items were 2 tripods, 1 DSLR Camera and a video projector which we had to take at 18:00. Till then, we’ve met with Constantin Malmare and went shopping for the materials needed the next day. Once we were done, on our way back home, we have picked the equipment. I don’t know about Mihnea but I couldn’t get much sleep that night.


With Mihnea back in business, we went to the HUB in order to discuss the final matters with Mr. Jonathan Owusu (CUSU) so we can be sure that we have a green light on the hour expansion for the gallery. During our trip through town we arranged a meeting with Alexandru Lupu in order to give the remaining posters for his part. The posters I had left were laminated and we put few additional ones and kept some for our exhibition.


Today I teamed up with Constantin again in order to put the posters in our designated locations (Green and Pink). Although we did not manage to cover all of them, we did manage to put them in location near the assigned ones. He also informed me that the website is almost done.


On the 25th I received a surprise from Constantin Malmare by telling me that he managed to pull some strings and managed to get the smART event included in the next ARTSPACE COV Newsletter. As for today, the second version of the poster is done and the design for the flyer as well. During my meeting with Constantin Malmare, I’ve printed out around 50 posters and 200 fliers. With a little bit of brainstorming, I came up with a solution on how and where to put our posters up in order to cover more space. I took a campus map, added colored sectors and told the team that they are free to choose any sector they want. Printed them out and gave some to Constantin to deliver them to Mara and Romeo. I’ve also updated this on ourgroup page and informed Mihnea about it but he has some problems regarding internet connection.

1.     Red Zone

Ellen Terry Building

Richard Crossman Building 

Sir John Laing Building 

Sports Centre 


2.     Green Zone 

William Morris Building 

Lanchester Library 

Student Centre

Jaguar Building

Armstrong Siddeley Building


3.     Yellow Zone

Students’ Union Cox Street

Maurice Foss Building

Bugatti Building

Graham Sutherland Building *

James Starley Building


4.     Blue Zone

The Hub

Alan Berry Building

Students’ Union Priory Street

George Eliot Building

Charles Ward Building

Priory Hall


5.     Pink Zone 

Singer Hall

Raglan House



Trinity Point